Attack of the JV!

JV_Lust Left Poster_print

This was for one of our first shows as a band, at a small bar in Lynnwood. I wanted to portray us (tongue and cheek of course) that we were a huge band taking over a little tiny bar…and I had this image in my mind of a Amp Stack that comes to life and stomps this little bar, just like Godzilla might. We were introducing ourselves so there needed to be more information on this poster, if I were to go back and change anything I would strip a lot of the type/information off of it. It didn’t hurt in the end as there was a nice big crowd!


This is the quick sketch that I did before I went into final. These usually need to get done quickly at home after work so I usually move from simple sketch to final without a lot of middle steps.

Pencil Sketch. Final art done in Illustrator/Freehand.

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