The J.V. St. Patty’s Day



The JV was playing a show with some friends of our that were in two other bands. We had a 3 band lineup, and I had this image of a bartender offering 3 kinds of beer ( I mean it’s St. Paddy’s Day, it had to be beer). I love going to bars where they actually list what the beer is and what you can expect when you get it. I wanted to interpret that idea on this poster, along with custom taps and a mean ol’ leprechaun bartender.

I wrote all the band descriptions as if they were describing beers. I thought it was funny, I don’t know if anyone ever read any of them. The code goes as follows:

The JV: Old School Punk Rock Classics.

Def Leprechaun: 80’s hair band and rock…total classics.

Irish Spring: All U2, all the time.

One of the best shows we’ve ever been a part of. All bands were awesome

This piece was done fully in Illustrator.

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