Wiffleball Tournament Tshirt 2009

Wiffle Anarchy Shirt back5

We keep gravitating to music as themes for these shirts. It’s something my brother and I are both totally into and there is such great visuals for different styles of music. We talked about doing a punk rock themed version. We’ve done individual artists before (Elvis, Angus Young) and thought maybe a shoe group would be cool. This is supposed to sell the British Punk Rock Vibe…it’s a new band called the Wiffs! Can you figure out what instruments each one plays? I know (scroll down for answer).

This was done in Illustrator/Freehand and then some of the treatment of roughing it up was done in Photoshop.

Answers Below:

Band Members Roles

Far Left – Bass, Second from Left – Guitar, Spiked Mohawk – Singer, Far right – Drummer. Makes sense doesn’t it, once you look at them?

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