The JV. a band


Every band needs a logo. I think every one and every thing could get away with having a logo. My band is no different. We play old punk and post punk classics (Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedy’s, Joy Division, The Cult, Psychedelic Furs, The Clash) and so on.

The fun story behind where the name came from…we were having a big high school reunion where multiple graduating years could attend. We hired a band and they said ‘how long is this party?’ and they added ‘we can’t play that long!’ But their idea was for us to start a band and open for them. So my brother and I recruited some close friends of ours who played guitar and bass guitar…I had recently started playing the drums (late! at 35), and my brother said if we play this kind of music, he can sing. So we said ‘ok’ we’ll get moving and learn some stuff…but we needed a name. Since we all played sports in high school, we kind of laughed when we pictured our band as playing the game before the Varsity game…kind of like the JV game. We had a name. Our 7th practice was our first show. We are much better now, we still play but we’ll always be the JV.

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