Hope Diamond Intro Storyboard

HD_Intro Storyboard3

As the Co-Designer/Producer of this project/adventure game I really wanted to sink my teeth into getting the intro to a place where the story was really being set up for the user, creating some mystery and wonder. The story of the Hope Diamond is so amazing, and this intro helps sell the legend that drove our fact meets fiction tale.

The images story board is from my original scribbles, I wrote the dialogue and set up the scene as well. The final was spectacular (IMHO) and I was really proud that these storyboards were nailed…it didn’t change much from this concept. Click on it to see it closer!

Ron Crab was the genius artist/effects/animator who executed this movie. Soi Che did the base drawing of the Temple Statue, and Michael Gochoco helped with the original editing. Jeff Haynie designed the main menu and David Stevenson painted it. Clean Cuts Audio Production (Chris Kennedy and Rich Isaac) were the composers of the music. Tori Pavone Barmoy was the Clean Cuts producer. Jeff Post, curator at the Smithsonian (that you see in the photo giving the talk) was the voice of himself. The only thing missing here is where the screen turns white. This was a transition that happened in code…

Written, Directed, Storyboarded by Erik Haldi. Art and animation by Ron Crabb. Additional editing by Michael Gochoco.

Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D.

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