U.S. History Bobblehead Game

U.S. History Bobblehead Game

These sketches were the design for a U.S. History Bobblehead matching game, that went into Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian, Hope Diamond. A big chunk of our game occurred in Washington DC and you just can’t go there and not think about US history…it’s everywhere. We needed a puzzle for you to gain access to something, so you had to help this person with their souvenir bobble heads. The goal of the game was to match the 3 pieces (Head, Torso and Legs/Base). I designed this game and drew all of the figures you see here.
Working with The Smithsonian and the legal department led us to switching out some of these out for different historical characters for the final version. It turned out to be a really fun little game.

Can you name them all?

Image converted using ifftoany

Here is how it looked after everyone signed off on it. BILL MEYER was the artist that took these sketches and brought them to life with color and also created the replacement characters that were decided on. He killed it…and when it was in game and the little heads were all bobbling about and their clothes were all mixed up, it was awesome. I was really proud of this one.

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