Stacey J Warner Logo


Stacey J Warner is an Intuitive Coach, and she works in Life Coaching, Business Coaching and Equus Coaching. She set out to start to brand her self and her business…but she ran into a problem. When she hired someone to do her logo and her brand identity, she found herself with a logo that violated copyright laws (lesson, you get what you pay for!). I wanted to help her with this situation and we got together to talk about what she was looking for. As we started working, I thought I would just help her make some adjustments to the logo to make it unique. However, once we really started to dig in deep to the direction she was taking her business and what she wanted her identity to reflect and say about her…we decided to start from scratch!

She was looking for something classy, elegant, minimal, upscale and most importantly, personal and she was drawn to logos that were based primarily on type, and fancy, cursive type. I thought, what’s more personal than your own signature? So she scanned me a few versions of her signature and we were off. This signature is an artists license version of her signature but definitely based on her own handwriting.

Once we had that element down we started to think about how to personalize it even more…for me the question was – what sets her apart? For me the answer was in the Equus component, the use of horses in the coaching.

It seemed like such a powerful element and was inspiring, and I wanted to show that off! The horse found his way into the cursive J of her middle initial. I love how the curl from the ‘y’ in Stacey creates a suggestion of the horses shoulder and body…and how a horse has a loving, almost submissive or trusting look in certain poses (like when they turn back to look at you). That is what I was going for…I ended being very proud of this logo!


We explored some color options and this is our favorite, perhaps it’ll find it’s way out there someday. For now, it’s black and white!


Speaking of black and white…the reverse version is always fun to see too. Sometimes is breaks things. It’s best though when it confirms or helps! =)

Final art done in Adobe Illustrator.

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