Jungle Bluff Hidden Object Scene

To continue the theme of players not just stumbling onto a random list of items to find in a scene, this is our Jungle Bluff. In this Hidden Object scene, the player had to collect items for their backpack, yep the one hanging in the tree. The player had just escaped by jumping out of a moving train and their pack landed in the tree, and the cards you see in the corner float down to the ground prompting the player to click on them. Once clicked, they go into the corner as you see here (along with the bag). This scene was unique in that you could find items on either this screen or in the lower bluff, by following the brooke down. Once you completed the cards you collected an item to take with you. Bill Meyer was the artist on this one.



Design: Erik Haldi, Jeff Haynie, art and additional Design by Bill Meyer.

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