HE: Smithsonian Teaser Video

When we were just getting started on the production of the Hidden Expedition: Smithsonian – Hope Diamond game we were presented a very cool and unique opportunity. Starbucks wanted to feature a previously released game as its iOS download of the week: Hidden Expedition: Amazon (on iOs). Our team was in charge of creating a teaser for the Hope Diamond game and inserting it into the re-release.

We were just getting started creating assets so there wasn’t much to put together as far as images so Jeff Haynie (co Designer/Art Director) and I sat down to figure out how we could maximize the limited assets that we had but still make a compelling and mysterious teaser.

Jeff had done this amazing painting of the historic Smithsonian Castle and we had our story written…beyond that we had a few mismatched art pieces in the works but not enough to tell a cohesive story. Jeff and I sat down and quickly formed out plan. Our collaboration was always very symbiotic and we had a vision and focus right away. I was in charge of writing the text for the piece and Jeff was in charge of putting it together with images and editing. The basic idea here was to create some mystery and wonder about the Legendary Hope Diamond and hint that while much is known or thought to be known about it, there was a truth about it that was yet to be discovered or pieced together. We wanted to intrigue the audience and then invite them be a part of the adventure to uncover the truth.

Working with an institution like the Smithsonian it is paramount that the image of the Hope Diamond be accurate. So we took the many great images that they gave to us and Jeff and Hyunchul Yi worked together to build this very complex 3D model of the stone. Not an easy task to get that light refraction to work correctly and it HAD to be perfect.

We reused some music that we had from another game and edited it to fit the piece, Jeff put some great effects on it and we were happy with what we had. Once the folks at the Smithsonian approved it…we wrapped it up and shipped it.

I am really proud of this piece and how we pulled it all together so quickly.

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