Mystic Cowgirl Camp


Done with Illustrator and Photoshop

As part 2 of the rebranding of Stacey J Warner, Life | Business | Equus Coach (see logo here- ),  Stacey was looking for an image to represent a series of events that she hosts called ‘Mystic Cowgirl Camp’. As with the logo that we redid, we needed to make a new  version of the collateral image. She really didn’t like what she had as it looked like a children’s book, which was definitely NOT the message for the clients of this camp.

We had the logo and then we took a crack at this piece. We talked a lot about tone and simplicity. We have a great rapport and we quickly settled on something like the chalkboard art that you see at Coffee Shops and Boutique Restaurants. There is a nice rustic feeling to it and it feels very personal. She wanted something that had some customization with the type but also very readable, and something that could be generic enough so that if the camps change from one to the next it wouldn’t undo everything.

I am really happy with the final result, and she was thrilled as well. Nothing like a thrilled customer!


Here is a stripped down smaller version to act as a sort of ‘logo’ to go with the more involved image.

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