Backyard Sports Intro

Backyard Football 07-08 intro sequence.

Starring Tom Brady (human and cartoon) and the Backyard Kids.

Directed by Erik Haldi

Animated by Rafael Calonzo and Tom Witte

Music by Chris Bellew

When Backyard Sports focused on the console market, and once the art style had been updated for a 3rd time. We had to find some ways to be judicious with our money. One way I thought that would be effective is to create one intro…like a saturday morning cartoon, and then have the featured athlete for each game get implemented, modularly. Intros in games are a huge production and a lot of times don’t get watched much at all. In today’s world they do live online a little better than the ‘old days’, but still…

All great saturday morning cartoons need a snappy song and for this we went to Chris Bellew, front man for famous rock band – The Presidents of The United States of America. He was great to work with and captured the feeling that we were looking for. Our new tag line was ‘Get in the game and play’ and that made for a cool chorus in this song.

Each game had a different pro who would introduce the game as them selves in video and then be highlighted as a cartoon within the intro (Albert Pujols – Baseball, David Ortiz – Baseball, Paul Pierce – Basketball).

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