South Everett Little League

My old Little League needed a new logo. They needed ‘A’ logo…something that they could use in multiple areas and something with which they could brand everything that they do. When I learned what year the league was established I thought it was cool that it had that much history and wanted to keep a classic theme with a slightly more modern feel to it.



The Black and White Version.



For the Hats and Jersey’s of the younger teams, the idea was to keep it simple but very versatile (keeps costs low and ordering easy). I love seeing kids in say the grocery store all summer in their little SELL uniforms. Here are some examples of the possibilities but there are many more.


The Big Kids, when they get into the All-Star Tournaments need to look sharp, everyone does these days. Here was my concept for them using all of the same elements for optimal cohesion.


For the New Diamond Sign


Final Product – Vinyl on Metal


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